Sunday, June 08, 2008

Resting in Peace

It's an odd thing, that the thing we fear most in life - death, is the means by which we find peace in the end. 'Rest in peace' is the eulogy written on most any tombstone. The implication being the deceased is no longer in struggle while in life.

Speaking of death and peace, two people passed away a couple of days ago that were dear to us. Paul Awalt, Kari's Uncle, and husband to Cathy Awalt of Victoria, passed away. He was loved and cared for by Cathy all his days and is sorely missed.

As well, Rita Lihaven, a beautiful woman of God, who helped to usher in a new era of camping at Camp Kawkawa as I entered that place and time. Rita passed away due to the ravages of cancer in her body. She mentored me into the executive director position at Camp Kawkawa in 2005 and went on to sit on the board for Kawkawa and district executive board for the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in BC. She was a woman of great passion and care for others. She loved Christ and was moved by the Spirit. She was a good friend.

May they rest in peace