Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pavillion Lake

Pavillion Lake is a 3 mile long lake situated near the end of the 99 highway just a few kilometers west of Cache Creek. An absolutely beautiful place!

Here, on August 25th - 28th, I directed a small Senior Teen camp for the Church of the Nazarene. 30 acres on the far side of the lake looking down marble canyon. Absolutely gorgeous.

And, of course, with the nature of older teenagers we chose to schedule the days with a variety of options for their enjoyment which made it almost a holiday rather than work. But a camping experience it was. We had some great open dialogue discussions about sex, relationships, self-worth and other things that seem to occupy many people's minds (not just teenagers).

The lake itself is very unique. Apparantly the only lake in the world to have a specific type of fresh water coral growing in it. There are only a few lakes in the world that boast of coral growth as it is but Pavillion lake boasts it's own species never found on any other place on the planet!

The water (as you can see) is so clear and such a beautiful colour, it makes the clay bottom appear a rich tropical azure colour. There is snorkling to be done, but we also cliff jumped, banana boated, wakeboarded, skied, hiked, played soccer (football for the Scottish lad we had with us), and general relaxed and ate a lot of great food :). What a great trip.